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The club you didn't want to be part of

Revealing late night chats with Beth Armstrong

Director. Writer. Thinker. Questioner.

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Curveball – The Club you didn't want to be part of is an award winning podcast about life’s unexpected moments with a black comedy tell it like it is approach. Three people, usually strangers who happen to be in the same boat share the coal-face, nitty-gritty truth of their experience. Guided by the host, Beth Armstrong, they speak anonymously, therefore frankly, over a late-night glass of wine – sharing the lows, highs, quirks, perks, misconceptions, silver linings and top-tips. No experts, just everyday people. 

The audience will hear intimate, privileged discussions that usually take place behind closed doors, if at all. These insights come from lived experience and the solidarity of fellow, reluctant club members. Topics range from Lost your Marbles to Mid-life sexual awakening and Parent of a transgender child.

Late night chats that tackle the big issues women unexpectedly face.

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